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Image source Courtney Tailor is an American fitness model, actress, and celebrity on Tailor has been passionate about fitness and bodybuilding since she was young.

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She started with simple cardio, and soon she started lifting weights. From an average fitness enthusiast, Courtney Courtney Tailor has grown into a professional bodybuilder. As a result, her social media following has grown in quantum leaps over the years.

Her well-trained flat stomach combined with her firm curves is a fitness goal for many of her fans. Her family moved to Austin, Texas when she was 7 years old. In high school, Tailor participated in various sports including volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer. As an athlete, she used the school gym quite often, and when she saw the effects this had on her body, Courtney Tailor became a fitness enthusiast who was also obsessed with keeping a perfect figure.

She also trained as Courtney Tailor professional Courtney Tailor diver.

At the age of 18, Tailor moved to Los Angeles, California to continue her acting career. She was cast in some uncredited film roles and television shows. She also appeared in the television show The Lying Game.

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Armed with a Courtney Tailor face and an attractive silhouette, Courtney Tailor worked as a model and also appeared in some television commercials. However, documenting her fitness journey on social media is probably Courtney Tailor best career decision Courtney Tailor has ever made, as she has not only acquired a huge Internet fan base but also signed many juicy sponsorship deals.

She has appeared in TV commercials for companies like Discount Dollars and multinational drinks giant Pepsi.

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In she launched her YouTube channel, where she continues to present her training program. The Internet sensation and bodybuilding athlete is currently 22 years old, just months before her 23rd birthday.

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She did not win any of the categories as she was Courtney Tailor 6th and 9th. Her hard work finally paid off when she went home with the trophy for this show. This victory heralded her as a force to be reckoned with in the world of bodybuilding. Image source Courtney Tailor has a pathological fear of sharks.

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Hers, however, is odd in that she thinks about sharks even in swimming pools. Can you imagine that? Her role model in bodybuilding is Ashley Kaltwasser, who Courtney Tailor the bikini Olympics three years in a row, from to Trademarks of Courtney Tailors are her famous body for obvious reasons and her blonde hair.