Cortana Blue Escort Oxfordshire

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Zoie Burgher

Last week I felt like a change, though, and decided to pack some extra gear for my shoot with my favourite green-haired model.

Buff Einstein monolight, and an Impact 22" Beauty Dish. I like it better than umbrellas for its quality of light, and with a diffusion sock on the face it seems to stay upright in stuff winds a little better than an umbrella does without needing Cortana Blue sandbagging.

So I got them and they work fantastically. They just worked.

Mikaela Testa

The night before we did this sunrise photo shoot, we tried to hit the beach for a sunset photo shoot. So we rescheduled for the following morning.

Samantha Mathis

Since Cortana Blue sun rises right over Lake Ontario and I planned on shooting directly into it, I needed a strong light to illuminate the model. The first seven images in the gallery below were shot with the Paul C. Buff Einstein monolight and Impact beauty dish with diffusion sock.

Michelle Randolph

The light stand was setup just out of frame to camera left, Cortana Blue few feet in front of the model the closer the better. A quick 45 minutes were all we needed for the entire shoot, from start to finish.

Cortana Blue Cam Show