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World production of sour cherries in 2022 was 1.48 million tonnes, led by Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia. If a person is finding that cherry juice is helping manage their symptoms and preventing flare-ups, there is no harm in them consuming cherries as part of a balanced diet. Although cherry juice may have some benefits for relieving gout, a person should not use it as the sole treatment for the condition. The doctor may be able to diagnose gout by using a blood test to look at a person’s uric acid levels and kidney function.

Cherry Acid Common rootstocks include Mazzard

However, the evidence regarding whether or not drinking cherry juice is an effective treatment option for gout is conflicting. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. Cherry pits contain varying amounts of amygdalin, which your body converts into cyanide. However, cyanide is only formed when the cherry pit is bruised or chewed. In addition, cherry pits have several culinary uses, including extracting compounds from the kernels to form liqueur.

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Cherries blossom in April and the peak season for the cherry harvest is in the summer. In southern Europe in June, in North America in June, in England in mid-July, and in southern British Columbia in June to mid-August. In many parts of North America, they are among the first tree fruits to flower and ripen in mid-Spring. Common rootstocks include Mazzard, Mahaleb, Colt, and Gisela Series, a dwarfing rootstock that produces trees significantly smaller than others, only 8 to 10 feet (2.5 to 3 meters) tall.

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Weeds that foster disease.

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Both Oregon and Michigan provide light-colored ‘Royal Ann’ (‘Napoleon’; alternately ‘Queen Anne’) cherries for the maraschino cherry process. Most sour cherries are grown in Michigan, followed by Utah, New York, and Washington. Traverse City, Michigan is called the “Cherry Capital of the World”, hosting a National Cherry Festival and making the world’s largest cherry pie.