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She started her career as a model before she ventured into professional wrestling which has Brooke Tessmacher her prominence. With the many details about Brooke, here is a list of 14 facts about her you probably never came across. How Old Is Brooke Tessmacher?

Brooke Tessmacher Bio: Career, TNA, Model, Net Worth & Kids

Louis, Missouri before relocating to Houston, Texas while she was 7. Nevertheless, not so many information has been revealed about Brittany.

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She continued to be participating in several activities such as basketball, volleyball, track, and rugby. Brooke lost to Williams. Upon that, she went back to her modelling career. Barely a month later, she was fired by Bischoff for leaking a piece of information. It was for this Brooke Tessmacher she went to The Beautiful People to teach her how to wrestle.

Brooke Tessmacher- 14 Unknown Details About The Professional Wrestler

Later, however, Lacey Von Erich of The Beautiful agreed to teach her but she left Brooke Tessmacher promotion a month afterwards. The fight took place on 16 December On 25 December, she suffered a broken in an out-of-the-ring accident. This left her with wires and metal plates in her jaw.

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Who is Lindsay Rhodes? Is Brooke Tessmacher Married?

Brooke Tessmacher Bio [ Update] : TNA, Model, Net Worth & Kids

They were born on September 3,and on October 31,respectively. Brooke Tessmacher Net Worth Of Brooke Tessmacher Brooke who is also a licensed real estate agent has gotten her wealth chiefly from her professional wrestling career. Complete profile of Brooke Tessmacher.