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WellcomeMD offers members advanced laboratory testing and the latest in medical treatments, 24/7 physician access, health coaching, and same or next day appointments for acute care needs. Patient panels are limited to allow physicians to track patient health effectively, follow up efficiently, and provide better results. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it caused him to commit suicide,” he says. Such explanations are, “a way to try to make sense of something that’s pretty senseless. We’re always looking for rationalizations and reasons, particularly when there aren’t any.” Getting you the medical care you need to recover is our top priority. As your advocates, we will work with the doctors, the medical facilities, the insurance companies, and all others to make sure that you receive the best care available for the treatment of your injuries.

WellcomeMD gives me time to get to know my patients again.” Indeed, it’s often the slowed-down conversations that take place after the exam that allow for the patient’s emotional and psychological context to be clarified. The Richmond office was established in late 2022 and WellcomeMD has since opened offices in Charlotte, NC, Mooresville, NC, and Naples, FL. Over the past three years, the company’s membership has grown in excess of 325% annually. “Our rapid growth and continued expansion has proven the need for elevated primary care services and the desire for an innovative approach to health care,” says WellcomeMD founder and CEO Linda Nash. Suffering new or worsening injuries after visiting the doctor is one of the last things you’d expect.

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The law lets me meet and work with so many interesting people with fascinating stories and histories. The law allows me to discuss legal issues from a layman’s perspective, a lawyer’s perspective, a judge’s perspective, and a philosopher’s perspective. Chidester’s parents have argued that the herb played a major role in the teenager’s death, and have advocated for “Schedule I”-like legislation beyond their home state of Delaware. In particular, Brett’s mother, Kathleen Chidester, has continued campaigning across the United States. In every case, with every client, I spend the time to talk straight about the law.

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Through his experience practicing a wide range of medicine – academic, military, urgent care, and private practice – it has become clear to Dr. Law that time is often in extremely short supply. If a loved one suffered fatal injuries caused by someone’s negligence or intentional acts, you might have a legal right to collect damages on their behalf. He represented me in a case where my own insurance company completely denied my claim. I contacted Adam, and he quickly realized that the insurance company had not performed a sufficient investigation before denying my claim. Adam told my insurance company that, because they had not conducted a sufficient investigation, he was going to sue them for bad-faith insurance practices.

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We begin with a 1.5 hour, annual physical tuned to your personalized risk factors. Don’t trust your health to a cursory review or a government guideline. “It would make Nietzsche a controlled substance. There is a lot of cultural production out there that shows a way of looking at the world that isn’t all sunny and rosy.” Brett’s law is a name commonly given to a Delaware statute generally prohibiting use of the psychoactive herb Salvia divinorum. The law was named after Brett Chidester (September 16, 1988 – January 23, 2006), a 17 year old who died by suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning .

  • If a loved one suffered fatal injuries caused by someone’s negligence or intentional acts, you might have a legal right to collect damages on their behalf.
  • William T. Brett is located in Oklahoma City, OK and serves clients throughout OKC and its suburbs including Oklahoma County, Logan County, Cleveland County, and Canadian County.
  • Medical providers have a duty to provide a certain level of care to their patients.
  • We treat the loss of strength, vitality, and sexual function that can accompany aging by understanding and treating the root causes of these symptoms.
  • It is an outrage, however, when the death was caused by someone else’s wrongful conduct.
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More recently, he practiced at Patient First Urgent Care Centers in Richmond. Failing to hire a personal injury attorney substantially reduces the likelihood of recovering fair compensation for your injuries. After an accident in Washington, you may wonder, How long do I have to file a motorcycle crash lawsuit? Learn more about the Washington State statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents… While you focus on getting well, our personal injury lawyers in Washington will make sure that all your bills are getting paid. We navigate the complex layers of insurance coverage to track your medical bills, obtain reimbursement of medical expenses, and optimize settlements to ensure that your current and future costs are fully covered.