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The amount of the grant varies based upon the number of hours volunteered with an organization.

BD (Becton Dickinson) Matching Gift Program and Volunteer Grant Information

Retirees are eligible to participate in the volunteer grant program for up to five years after their last day of work. Stop missing out on matching gift opportunities.

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Provide easy access to matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions that Bd Company need to submit their matching gift requests. Create your own matching gift page. Direct all of your donors to this page in your marketing and increase your matching gift revenue!


Inspire donors to double their impact. Never miss a matching gift opportunity.

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Your donors want to maximize their support, but they might not know yet that their donations can be doubled by their employers. Show them how by connecting them with matching gift tools from Double the Donation.

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Educate your donors about the matching gift process. One of the biggest roadblocks to maximizing matching gift revenue is a lack of awarenes for how to see matches through to completion.

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Drive every match to completion with Double the Donation. Raise awareness, simplify matching, and grow your matching gift revenue.

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With Double the Donation, your organization can give supporters the tools they need to make the biggest impact on your cause. Provide donors with immediate access to their matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions.