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Aya Natsume

The artwork in Tenjou Tenge was considered by many to be remarkable, even more so after the manga’s third volume was released because of inconsistency early on in the series. Great was known for his characters to have unrealistic body proportions and Tenjou Tenge was not different. The plot began with Souichiro Nagi and his friend,Bob Makihara going to their first day of high school at Toudou academy. They intended to rule the school by beating anybody up that got in their way as they did at their previous schools. They soon learned that Toudou was not an ordinary high school, but rather a school that was founded to teach and integrate different fighting styles. After an altercation with the executive council, Souichiro and Bob joined the only surviving club that opposed them, the Juken club.

Aya Natsume eventually convincing him

In the end Maya ends up fighting her sister over the whole thing, Aya loses and Maya takes Reiki back. Despite this, after some encouragement from Souichiro Nagi, Aya gets in good spirits again. Aya Natsume (棗亜夜, Natsume Aya) is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjou Tenge.

Comparison Between Anime And Manga

It is later revealed they don’t follow Mitsuomi, but Sohaku Kago (Souichiro Nagi‘s estranged father). As her sword was shattered by Tsutomu Ryuuzaki she elects to borrow a new one from her sister, she fails to tell her sister that however. Maya Natsume is quite surprised to find the family’s heir loom, Reiki missing. Reiki had played a large role in driving Shin Natsume (Aya’s brother) crazy, eventually leading to his death. Reiki using Maya Natsume’s stored up KI, creates a visual body for Aya to see, a naked woman, and takes her on a tour of past events. Everything from the reason Tetsuhito Kagiroi can use other family’s powers to visions of ancient Japan and her ancestor.

  • Hirohiko tries to convince Aya not to fight, suggesting she would be better off leaving to plan how to deal with all the people under Nokimi’s influence.
  • Aya Natsume (棗亜夜, Natsume Aya) is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjou Tenge.
  • Despite the fact she hears his thoughts, and knows his bones are breaking she can’t stop herself and nearly kills him.
Aya Natsume and her

He is trained by them for a while before he is attacked by Tessen Ishiyumi, Aya is nearly killed as she arrives, but Souichiro saves her. The Tenjou Tenge anime was described as a significantly toned down version of the Japanese manga, but still retained most of the spirit of it’s predecessor. Much of the nudity was removed by the animators, but was made up in the way of sexual innuendos, gratuitous cleavage and panty shots.

Aya Natsume The Tenjou Tenge

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As he has a crush on her, and as no one has told him what was going on he of course agrees. While at Masataka’s, Aya sees her brother’s ghost coming to take Reiki away from her. He says it will only bring her sadness most likely destroying her like it did him, but she insists she wants to get stronger eventually convincing him to leave it.

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