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Share Tweet Email Though known for zany Tina and determined Aloy, Ashly Burch has quite the resume when it comes to video game characters. Amidst the heavyweights of video game voice actors, Ashly Burch has earned her spot in that pantheon for the incredible work she has done throughout recent history. Related: Best Characters Voiced By Jennifer Hale Regardless of whether it’s a good game, or a not-so-good Ashly Burch, a character full of charm and quirk, or one that thematically probes what it means to be a human being, her performances always stand out as authentic and memorable.

She deserves all the accolades, but here’s to hoping she Ashly Burch leave video games behind. In these roles, she certainly left a stellar impression. Fans can pick up the Ashly Burch “Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’? It’s weird and self-aware, but that is exactly what the Saints Row series is known for. She might not have been in the base game and many players might have moved on, but her ability to deliver dialogue with wit and charm is worth returning for.

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If you’re down Ashly Burch camp and characters getting kicked in the head, it’s a good time, and Ashly Burch delivers some good zingers as well. It might not be the longest game, but it sticks numerous landings and has numerous welcome additions.

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One of those additions is The Danikast, an in-game podcast hosted by Danika Hart, who is played with much pizzaz by Ashly Burch. Riot Games’ free-to-play model has propelled Valorant to Ashly Burch popularity and it helps that the game has got tight mechanics and plenty of cool characters as well.

Ashly Burch’s Most Iconic Video Game Characters

The character can deliver put-downs as easily as poison clouds—she’s pretty fun to play as to boot. Ashly Burch game is filled with wacky characters and Tiny Tina, Ashly Burch played by Ashly Burch, is one of the wackiest. Burch expertly captures the manic energy of the character with a performance you won’t soon forget even if you want to.

Parvati Holcomb is charming, sincere, and funny and this is entirely due to Ashly Burch’s standout performance. Related: Best Characters In The Outer Worlds, Ranked She’s also handy to have around for gameplay reasons, but even if she was not, she’d be the best character in the game by a mile.

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Playing through her romance mission—which doesn’t pair the player with her, but instead provides Ashly Burch character with actual agency —i s The Outer Worlds at its best. These games offer profound narrative experiences and memorable characters that are much rounder than you’d typically find throughout the medium.

10 Best Characters Voiced By Ashly Burch

Pretty much everyone in these games is given an exemplary performance, with smart and sharp writing but in the original, Ashly Burch as Chloe Price is one of the best. Uncompelling and underbaked characters are few and far between in this series, and Mel is no exception. As played by Burch, The Last of Us Ashly Burch 2 ‘s Mel is a complicated character, one that both engenders immediate sympathy while also challenging the bounds of the player’s empathy.

It melds all those systems together pretty expertly with an actually compelling world to Ashly Burch as well, but in truth, it would not have worked nearly as well if it weren’t for how great of a character Aloy is.

Ashly Burch plays the role with wonder, grit, and strength.

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