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Alec finally agreed to become the Swamp Thing for Abby’s sake, and set things right. Outside the store, they were set upon by William and his creatures. Though the fight went poorly, Alec managed to reach into the Green and trap William in a tree.

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In 1766, the eastern gallery of the cloister was rebuilt and the old chapter house was demolished. On June 5, 1450, the abbey was occupied during the siege of Caen by Charles VII of France, who only left it after the surrender of the English garrison on July 5. After the war ended, Abbot Robert Chartier began to rebuild the cloister and a conventual building. On February 23, 1230, the choir of the Abbey collapsed and killed 26 canons, among them the third abbot, Nicolas.

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Abigail was wounded, and as Alec treated her wound, they admitted to each other that they had both had dreams – sometimes nightmares – about their respective elemental forces. Alec had dreamed of a girl made of bones, and Abigail had dreamt of a boy made of leaves. There had always been warnings from the elements to avoid those people in both dreams, but realizing that they had been dreaming about each other, their own voices seemed stronger than those of the Green or the Rot. Pushing aside the natural opposition that the elements had to one another, Alec and Abigail shared their first kiss. Her half-brother William was also connected to the Rot, and had just awakened to his role. Abby had put him in a home for sick children under the pretense that he was especially susceptible to germs in order to prevent him from reaching his dangerous potential.

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