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Anna Molli

Throughout the video, she is shown moving her fingers little by little, even as she is put in a freezer. At the end of the video, as a medical examiner is about to perform the autopsy, her fingers move again, accompanied by a stream of tears. As the doctor brings his saw to her head, she reaches up and grabs his wrist tightly. At Gallows End 2022, Jason Trent officiated the triple threat match for the 4CW Hardcore Championship, which was contested by Erica Moxie, Glock Nine, and defending champion Phil McGroin. Trent walked out on this match after venting his frustrations with Phil and his crony, Camera Man. Phil went on to verbally and physically antagonize Anna, which led to her hitting him with a low blow and counting her own pinfall, thus becoming the new 4CW Hardcore Champion.

OBITUARY: Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Philson – WTVB

OBITUARY: Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Philson.

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Anna Molli Philson - WTVB        OBITUARY

Upon review, both athletes were declared co-#1 contender to Jacob Scharff’s World Championship. Anna is a gay woman, and has taken part in predominantly LGBTQ-based activism for over ten years.She is also a supporter of sex workers’ rights. After the Gallows Pole match that was contested between Brian White and Jack Valentine, Hazel left her seat in the audience and entered the ring, at which point she fell into a severe anxiety attack coupled with traumatic flashbacks. Tommy Young ran down and attempted to soothe her, and was soon joined by Anna Molly, Pilgrim Paige and Tsukiko Mizuno. On the September 2022 edition of Storm Front, prior to facing Eddie Wolfbaine, the recently returned Pilgrim Paige gave Anna an enthusiastic thumbs up and mouthed “Way to go”, in respect to Anna being 4CW’s first openly queer referee.

Officiating The Soul Survivor Tournament May

Anna co-officiated 4CW’s first annual Rumble in the Storm on August 26th, 2022 with senior referee Jason Trent. When Hazel entered the ring, she entrusted Licky to Anna. In the match’s controversial conclusion, Jason Trent raised Wolfbaine’s hand in victory, while Anna Molly raised Paige’s.

Anna Molli this match after venting

Witch Hazel wandered down to ringside and provided impromptu guest commentary during the match, which she got unintentionally mixed up in. When Anna took a nasty spill to from ring to floor, Hazel revived her with a drawn-out lick of the face, and Anna returned to the ring to resume her officiating duties. After the match, Anna flirted with Hazel and slipped her her phone number, which Hazel soon absentmindedly tossed away. The song makes use of a Marxophone, a type of fretless zither. The song’s title is a play on the word “anomaly”, and a Billboard article says the song describes “a woman who may or may not exist in real life”.