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Anna graduated from East Clarendon High School in Turbeville, SC and was a graduate of Robeson Community College in Lumberton, NC, receiving a degree in Computer Technology. She was employed by Railroad Friction Products in Laurinburg, NC for over twenty years. Anna was a member of Pleasant View Baptist Church and the wife of a deacon, of which she took very seriously. She was an Assistant Sunday School Teacher, sang in the church choir, and was a member of the WMU for many years.

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Anna Hunt Settling there in

Hunt spontaneously proved that America of her times has local picturesque sites and interesting models to be captured by artists, so there’s no need to seek inspiration abroad. Nonetheless, Hunt was not the first to take on Chinese themes and undoubtedly not the pioneer in the aspects of decorative female and infant busts and watercolour executions. There were a bunch of influences coming from various sources, intentionally or not, but harmoniously and in commercial meaning successfully blended in Hunt’s art.

Anna Hunt particular focus on people

Anna Huntt

She created and designed stereotyped images of Chinese infants in their vividly coloured garments with an Asian attribute communicating with the viewer by a sweet gaze, heavily fitting the standards of the illustrations of postcards’ rising culture and possible to use as a postcard image instead of a photograph. The primary reason for “falling out of fashion” of this type of Asian-inspired art with emphasised decorative character is the Great Depression. The Roaring Twenties screeched to a halt on October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, when the collapse of stock prices on Wall Street ushered in the period of US history known as the Great Depression, having severely affected the cultural world of America. Both Hunt and artists with whom she collaborated and young generation of painters like Fong who, evolving her approach of “Chinese genre”, started to take portrait commissions, drawing landscapes, still life with cheaper materials. The general mission of the artists’ was now considered reflecting the life of a common American, with a particular focus on people meeting the challenges of the Great Depression.

Anna Hunt of children in France

Settling there in 1918, she devoted most of her attention to the Chinese themes and had a nation-wide market for her paintings, prints, postcards, and coloured ceramic figurines. Hunt was fond of the artistically-created and individually-named “children” she never had in real life.She also did portraits of children in France, beach scenes at Laguna and Native American women and children from the Pomo of northern California. Hunt was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association, being exhibited along with the American WC Society in 1908, in Detroit Museum in 1909, in Paris Salon, etc. The years of Hunt’s career coincide with the birth and dissemination of the key movements breaking the boundaries between the high and the low art, the fine arts and the applied arts, as well as partially implying media, techniques, compositional details originating in Asia, thus providing the motifs and notions to the generation of her individual artistic language.