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Angelica Labyrinth re moving, even though

Angelica Character Review

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Vision Distribution’s The Eight Mountains is competing in Cannes – Cineuropa

Vision Distribution’s The Eight Mountains is competing in Cannes.

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Recovers ally’s Health, as well as that of another ally with the least Health, with healing power. Due to a lack of debuff removal in her kit, using this artifact would be very helpful for her. Very annoying to deal with + allow the strongest attacker to get their turn faster without having to build too much speed.

Character Relations

Had a relationship with Phyllis Kroll during seasons 4, 5 and 6, after having recused herself as Phyllis’s divorce attorney because of their romantic interest. Was discharged from the Army under “Don’t ask, don’t tell” by confessing her love for Alice Pieszecki during her separation board on the episode “Lay Down the Law”. In a relationship with Alice Pieszecki in seasons 4, 5 and 6. Does not accept Bette and Tina’s decision to raise their daughter Angelica together in a lesbian relationship and refuses to vouch for them in front of their adoption social worker. Has an affair with Grace during season 4 that bridges into friendship during season 5.

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