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They are social media personalities, or they have made a YouTube video that got enough views to make them take flight. Some of them were simply in the right place at the right time and landed a Allison Dunbar cameo part on a popular television show or movie, and they managed to catch the rocket ship to the moon because of it. Others, however, have actually had enough exposure that many of us recognize them, Allison Dunbar not all of that exposure is good.

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Allison Dunbar is an actress and social media personality who has been around for a bitthough you may not be Allison Dunbar all familiar with her. At least, not on a first name basis, but you may recognize her face.

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No, not by a long shot. She is 47 years old and has been married one time, which we will expand on further shortly.

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She was raised in a Christian household, and while in-depth facts about her childhood seem hard to come by, it seems she was raised by both parents, Timothy and Wendy Barron, and has a brother, Christopher. She also has a sister whose name is unknown. Her family originally hails from Ontario, Canada. The couple had one child, a daughter by the name of Ernie. Is She Dating? Her relationship with Perlman has been the at the center of much controversy due to the fact that Perlman filed for divorce from Allison Dunbar wife of thirty-eight years, Opal Stone, to date her.

According to Astrology. Education Allison attended high school in her home state of Delaware at St. She followed that up with Fordham University at Lincoln Center, located in New York City, where she studied curriculum and instructional design. Incidentally, Dunbar also makes her home in New York City at the current time. Unfortunately, Norman Barron died of cancer in The pics were somewhat personal, and had an air of intimacy about them, which led her followers to believe that, Allison Dunbar he was, she was dating him, at the Allison Dunbar least.

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But he was never named, and it is doubtful they are together Allison Dunbar longer, with all the publicity surrounding the kiss she shared with Perlman earlier this year and his subsequent divorce filing. Social Media She is considered something of a social media star by her followers.

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Live and let live, right? We wish her luck in her future endeavors.