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Born in Fort Lauderdale, Wainwright briefly got a taste of the camera as a novice child actor and model, but instead of pursuing acting after high school, she decided to study botany at the University of Florida. After moving to Los Angeles, Wainwright landed several guest spots on primetime Alisha Wainwright like Criminal Alisha Wainwright and Switched at Birth before becoming known as Maia Roberts in the supernatural drama Shadowhunters.

Palmer’s Alisha Wainwright Praises Justin Timberlake After Scandal

Directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens, the Alisha Wainwright tells the story of Eddie Palmer Justin Timberlakea former high-school football star who returns to his hometown after spending 12 years in prison. As he attempts to rebuild his life, he develops an unlikely friendship with Sam Ryder Allena 7-year-old who was abandoned by his hard-living mother, as they bond over their shared experience of feeling different from those around him.

Observer recently caught up with Wainwright to talk about the immeasurable impact that Shadowhunters has had on her life and career and the unique opportunity to star opposite Timberlake and Allen in Palmer, which can be described as a small Alisha Wainwright with a big heart. What was your favorite memory of being able to shoot that show with such an incredible cast in a diverse city like Toronto?

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Alisha Wainwright: One of my Alisha Wainwright aspects of the show was how open everybody was. Obviously, on a character level, there was so much support from the fans, the cast and the writers, and I felt like we had a little family. It was such a humbling experience because I really feel like it was boot camp to learn how TV works, how an ensemble works and how to carry a character from a book that people are obsessed with to a TV show that people can see and love too. Shadowhunters was such a Alisha Wainwright experience.

Alisha Wainwright on Telling Justin Timberlake the Truth in ‘Palmer’

Justin Timberlake and Ryder Allen in Palmer. Take me back to the late summer of when you first received this script for Palmer. I got the script two days before I started my press tour for Raising Dion, and Alisha Wainwright read it in one sitting.

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I could just tell that Cheryl Alisha Wainwright wrote something from the heart, and when I went to meet Fisher [Stevens], we just clicked, we talked about Alisha Wainwright film and we talked about the role. I came back from my press tour and he offered me the part, and I was so excited to be a part of this story because the message, the theme and the character-driven storytelling was something that I wanted to be a part of. Is that part of the reason that you really wanted to take on this new role? I like to think all of my characters are grounded and the world is something different.

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Alisha Wainwright, with Shadowhunters and Raising Dion, yes, the world is heightened and very not like the world you and I live in. But the character herself is a grounded character. So, I never really think of genres like that. I think having a collaborative experience with your director and writer is such an invaluable part of the process and something that I would want to look for in other things that I do.

She Alisha Wainwright with her own agenda; she comes with her own backstory. And she makes choices and has opinions.

Palmer’s Alisha Wainwright Gushes Over ‘Incredible’ Justin Timberlake After PDA Scandal

What do you think made them fit their respective roles? I met Ryder when he came in for a chemistry read and he is just hilarious, electric and unforgettable. I have worked with kids a lot, and I can tell you those skills are just valuable Alisha Wainwright a young person to do good work. And I think through the filming process, he grew a lot, Alisha Wainwright just as a little boy but as an actor, which is really impressive to see. Justin is so invested in the movie and the story and telling the story and I think what I appreciated was how much of a team player he was.

Alisha Wainwright Praises Her Palmer Costar Justin Timberlake |

Play Finally, what message do you hope viewers are Alisha Wainwright to take away from this intimate film about love and acceptance? I hope people walk away with love in their heart and that they share that love with someone in their life that needs it.

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I also hope people take away that being different is part of what makes every person a person, and if we were all the same, it would be no fun. So, recognizing that something different will just become normal is my goal. To me, it already Alisha Wainwright.

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But I understand to some people, it might spark interesting conversations or dialogues that go beyond the movie and talk about their personal lives. This Alisha Wainwright has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.