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Eventually, Jones awoke in a hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling with blurred vision and unsure of how she had gotten there. Jones was joined by Luanne McClure, who welcomed her back into the world, although Jones remained unable to speak, as McClure noted her strong heartbeat was good, and promised that the doctor was on his way. Desperate to understand what was happening, Jones got up from her hospital bed, unplugging her heart monitors, as McClure advised her to lie down and get more rest. We do not discriminate against, exclude or treat people differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. I got in and out in a lot less time than I expected and the doctor was extremely knowledgeable of what she was doing and how to treat my problem.

As agreed, Jones had gone to Trish Walker’s Apartment, still bleeding from her gunshot wound and leaving a puddle of blood in the elevator, as she discovered that the door was already open. As Jones cautiously stepped inside, she found the lights had been turned off, as Jones called out to Jessica Jones, but getting no response as she moved through the apartment, ensuring that there was nobody else there waiting for her as she stepped into the living room. In order to avoid the guards and cameras within the hospital, Jones proceeded to leap and climb up to Walker’s window, and climbed inside, just as Jessica Jones had arrived, intending to defend Walker from her mother’s rage. Jones ordered her daughter to get out, which Jessica refused to do, while Jones insisted that Walker had taken everything away from her, including Karl Malus, blaming Walker for everything that had happened. Filled with rage and confusion, Jones could not look away from the sleeping Walker, while Jessica calmly blocked her path.

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As the van arrived at it’s destination, Jones began hitting at the locked doors of the van, as a worker had nervously questioned who was inside there. However, Jones had then proceeded to kick at the locked door with enough force, that all the locks were ripped off, and the worker was thrown backwards. While the worker ran for his life, Jones stepped out of the van and found some clothes to change into, before then stepping back out into the city. As the night came, Jones remained unable to sleep, instead standing inside her cell in the Eastern Regional Detention Center, and watching the television in the guard’s control room. Once the weather report was finished, a special news report came up, in which the host announced that the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility had been destroyed, and that Trish Walker was seemingly connected with this, as Jones took notice of this report out of fear. While Jones insisted that she also had dreams about her victims, she insisted that they would fade, which Jessica denied was always true, to which Jones insisted that Holiday was an evil man, which she believed should have comforted Jessica.

  • Hogarth noted that the people in charge of the case wanted to make sure they arrested the man who was creating powered individuals like her, to which Jones had then claimed that she was the person responsible for who she was, not Malus, continuing to refuse to give up Malus.
  • Walker went on to complain that she had given Jessica everything that she could have ever wanted, but had received nothing but disrespect and ingratitude.
  • Although Jones attempted to argue that she had come there to speak to Walker alone, Jones refused to allow her to leave the bar, while pushing her back on the seat and threatening her.
  • Once Jones handed Jessica the tampon, Jessica thanked her and promised to buy her a drink in exchange, which Jones accepted, noting she would be at the bar.
  • Once she revealed her true nature for her daughter, she was soon arrested, only to go insane and escape upon hearing of Malus’ demise.
  • As Jessica noted that Malus was gone and she should get over it, Jones insisted that Malus was not dead and was staying out of sight.
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Jessica then explained that Trish Walker had told her about their meeting, and how Jones claimed that she wished she had killed her when she had the chance, to which Jones confessed that she should not have said that, knowing how much Walker meant to Jessica. Jones told Jessica that Walker needed to stay away from Karl Malus, which Jessica promised to do, with Jones noting that she could only survive if Jessica and Malus were safe. Jones watched on as Holiday tore up the photograph of her children in front of her, before telling Jones, who he only referred to by her prisoner number, that he would make her learn his rules. Picking up the meat pie that had been left on the floor, Holiday told Jones that if he gave the order, Jones would lose her right to be visited by her daughter, as he ordered Jones to eat the meat that she had previously refused.

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As Jessica hung up the call, she noted that the teenager’s family must have gone to the New York City Police Department, noting that it was an unknown number. Jessica had then noted to her mother that Detective Eddy Costa had sent a text to the phone, confirming that he was the one calling. Seeing the family in danger, Jones ignored Jessica’s calls for her to wait, and charged out of the RV to help them, as she ran over to the child and carried him away from danger, while more canisters exploded near her.

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Awareness, Outreach, and Innovation at the Core of Efforts to Achieve Digital Equity.

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