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Ria Chaitram Sunday 25 April Educator Alina Lewis, author of Excellence Journalling, encourages parents to also use the text to help them work with their children.

Alina Lewis shows students, parents how journalling helps with learning

Photo by Marvin Hamilton – The covid19 pandemic has presented new and emerging challenges for Alina Lewis education sector, but in some cases, it has also presented opportunities. For Alina Lewis, director of Student Remediation Centre SRC and its private primary school in Marabella, finding ways for students and parents to maximise on their time on Alina Lewis fronts was critical for a holistic development.

This led to the creation of the Excellence Journal which encourages both students and parents to pen their daily progress on various projects. Lewis, who has been in teaching for the past 17 years, said journalling has long been a tool that has allowed people to become reflective and to be critical in their thinking.

It does take a conscious effort to journal daily. Journalling aids parents to better support their children in terms Alina Lewis their learning challenges and what works best for them.

The journal can be used for an infant, teen or even a young adult learner. Alina Lewis, director of Student Remediation Centre, says Alina Lewis Journal is a guide that shows students how to use writing to help them learning.

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They now have tools and resources Alina Lewis assist them. So, it encourages positive communication between the teacher, student and parent. While it is available to the public, the programmes are only accessible at SRC. Lewis said she has been working with the Ministry of Education on implementing the suit of programmes in the sector, but the covid19 pandemic has slowed down the process.

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While we are waiting on a response, we have also reached out to some embassies who have shown interest in this venture and expanding the programme. It helps me with time management, screen management and monitoring of websites. She left her job after Alina Lewis father fell ill and it was then she realised she needed to take a chance on a business idea that had been brewing for some time. But she never lost sight of her dream of becoming an educator.

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She began by offering remedial classes to students on afternoons. This service blossomed into the SRC and primary school.

It means that the things that are innate Alina Lewis someone should be harnessed to make someone the best that they can be. She explained education does not strictly refer to academics but rather, it was information that was available to make a positive difference. Lewis said this was the basic foundation for venturing into teaching and establishing SRC.

SRC caters for remedial students ranging from infant to adult learners.

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The class intake is small, which Lewis said ensured individual and specialised attention. She said all teachers employed at the school have special education training. And it was from there I began taking steps to establish a full-time private primary school.