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She has spent over 30 years in the entertainment industry and she has covered a lot of ground in that time. From the big screen to the small screen, Alicia has shown that she has what it takes to be a part Alicia Coppola a variety of projects.

Alicia Coppola

Her family, however, does have ties to the industry. Her brother, Matthew, is a film producer and her cousin, Denise Di Alicia Coppola, is a producer as well. She Was In A Video Game Alicia has accomplished a lot of very cool things over the course of her career, and one of those things was landing a voice role in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

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Alicia takes great pride in her family and she loves spending time with them whenever she gets the chance. She has been married Alicia Coppola actor Anthony Michael Jones since and the couple has three children together. She Has An Account On Cameo Having a good relationship with fans is an important but often overlooked aspect of being a celebrity.

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Alicia, however, has never forgotten how important this is. Inshe wrote, directed, and produced a short film project called Between Us. I like to fancy myself a home chef. I am also proud that my children have always eaten what I make Alicia Coppola serve…I enjoy cooking.

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It is like therapy for me. I love to have a glass of wine and be at the stove. For me, cooking means love.

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She Enjoys Staying Active Keeping herself in good shape is something that has always been important to Alicia. Instead, she Alicia Coppola to get her exercise in by doing pilates and going hiking. Mine was written inroughly eight years later, as he began to die.