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She has recently been Alica Schmidt as the hottest athlete of the future and one to watch at the next Olympic games. So far, this year-old German athlete is pretty much an unknown quantity with the exception for those in the know in her native Germany. However, her recent successes have made people stand up and realize that this young woman is one of the athletics stars to watch in upcoming events as she is set Alica Schmidt success in her disciplines.

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She is Already a Huge Success on the Junior Athletics Scene Alicia Schmidt has already proven herself as a formidable competitor in junior athletics events. She Has a Huge Following on Social Media One of the main reasons why Alicia Schmidt has suddenly been brought into the Alica Schmidt eye is for her posts on her social media sites.

Alica Schmidt have given her a huge following of 30, on her social media sites and this number is continuing to grow.

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When she posted a video of herself wearing a skimpy bikini on a beach while on vacation, her social media fans went wild. She has also come to the attention of many media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and websites. She is Sponsored by Puma It can take athletes years of winning medals and championships before they get Alica Schmidt decent sponsor.

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This is because the bigger companies like to see a proven record of success before they attach their name to an athlete. However, Alicia Schmidt is already sponsored by Puma, which is Alica Schmidt good indication that she is an athlete who is likely to succeed in big athletics events.

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Her three main events are the meter, meter, and meter track events.