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Share this article on Tumblr The origin story Ali Macgraw Love Storywhich celebrates its 50th anniversary with a limited-edition Blu-ray and, on Feb. Well, does it feel like 50 years have passed? I have total recall.

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Ali MacGraw: God, whatever that means. No, of course not. Time is so bizarre.

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It just was so quick. Was it rare to have a screenwriter go to bat for you? He was my only screenwriter. Erich Segal and I had a prior. So Erich and I used to run every day. He was a marathoner, and we used to jog every day. I would run in the movie and then I would run with him. Many boys were tested, and I got lucky. Jenny was very clever and quick-witted. MacGraw: Oh, I think she was written pretty much as a smartass, yes.

Did the two of you build rapport in this manner, or was your connection pretty automatic from Ali Macgraw start? It Ali Macgraw there, built in. So not much grocery shopping. So she had to go home to him at night, Ali Macgraw I had her during the day. Ali is easy to get along with. So I just absorbed her. MacGraw: We did have immediate chemistry. I was nobody, as you very well know.

So it was a very lucky break for me that I got to work with someone that I could be that comfortable with. He was terrific to work with, and we did have great chemistry. What was the first indication in your everyday life that this movie was becoming a phenomenon?

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It was a shock. It was a snowy night, and for me, as an ex-stylist, it was a packed, big Hollywood kind of night. We had everybody bring Christmas presents to go to the hospital afterward. Ali Macgraw even they were affected. So that was kind of a big deal. It was Ali Macgraw spectacular piece of publicity, and we knew, right away, that there were going to be lines around the block. That was proof positive. Did life change pretty quickly? So who knows if it was the same.

I tried to keep my wits about me. MacGraw: Well, I was staying with my then-husband [Robert Evans], and soon, within several weeks of the opening, our kid, Joshua [Evans], was born. So Ali Macgraw was the business of wanting to take your child out for a walk and having the then-paparazzi trail you. That was a first. That had never happened to me, and it was constant. So, yeah, it made us movie stars. Did Ali Macgraw field lots of romantic lead pitches after Love Story? A Western and a comedy, yes.

So she kept me out of it. What about you, Ali? He was the kind of agent that was about co-creating your career and really deciding what makes sense in the arc of what they hope is going to be a successful career. Ryan, was Ali Macgraw scripted to have Oliver drive in such a reckless way, or was that a detail you originated? It was a What were you holding your breath about? That I was going to crash?

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I drive that way. I was always in a bad mood, so I was shifting and driving and moving and Ali Macgraw. Ali, were you holding on for dear life? MacGraw: Laughs.

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No, I was fine. I had to drive five different vehicles. It just felt like the character. Since Love Story, Harvard has limited film crews from shooting there. Did the two of you know that this was an issue at the time? MacGraw: Oh wow. I have never heard that. When we were shooting the Harvard Yard scene, some Black students turned their music up, so that it was blaring around the quad.

We then had to negotiate with them to get them to stop. So that was about the only thing I ever heard that was a problem. It held us up for a few minutes. Because there were no Black people in the movie. They had a point. Jenny desperately wanted Oliver to patch things up with his father Ray Milland. Since it was so important to her, do you somewhat wish that Jenny could have learned this information before passing away?

In terms of the film, I think it might have been a little sappy, frankly. Ryan, have you Ali Macgraw since wrapping this movie? No, never. I had several weeks of Ali Macgraw, but Ali Macgraw had never skated. Me Ali Macgraw little children. Every day, we would rehearse all day, and then I would go to the rink, knowing that I barely had any of it down. MacGraw: Of course I do.

I was not part of this at all, but I knew what was going on, obviously. So Ali Macgraw went to Paris, and Alain had us come to the house and hear the music. Obviously, from the very minute we heard it, it was incredible, and I think it has everything to do with the success of this movie. Obviously, he got a deserved Oscar. And then it played around the world. Every time I went into a restaurant in Europe that had a band, they would start with Love Story.


Ali MacGraw

For years. Yeah, preppy. I had to learn a lot of stuff. I started with Brooks Brothers. I have no idea. How hectic did things become when the production ran out of funds for the necessary permits?

Ali MacGraw – Hollywood Walk of Fame

We put cameras in cars and walked down Fifth Avenue. The cameras would be Ali Macgraw the car and nobody would notice. The audience was just people walking. But we had a couple of assistant directors to make sure that nothing went wrong. I had this thing happen where I was alone, walking at night down Fifth Avenue toward my hotel, and somebody was following me.

You know, a big dark figure. So I stopped and he stopped. And then I Ali Macgraw walking and he started walking. So I waited for him, and he came up to me.