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Alexis Rhodes

Alexis and Zane first see Jaden beat Dr. Crowler at the entrance exams and are intrigued by his skills. She first meets Jaden when defusing a heated moment between him and Chazz in which advises Jaden not to bother with him. She later watches Jaden’s midnight Duel against Chazz in the Obelisk Blue dormitory in which she becomes impressed with his moves. Security arrives just as the Duel is about to end, forcing them to stop the Duel and leave. Alexis talks to Jaden afterwards saying she believed it could have gone either way, but Jaden reveals his next draw as “Monster Reborn” which would have let him win. Alexis is shocked and becomes interested in knowing more about Jaden’s Dueling skills.

Alexis Rhoades lowered the automatic defense

Before Alexis is sacrificed, she sadly says while her emotions are amplified by the spell on her “I thought we were friends. Guess not. It’s sad to know that…” After this, she meets her old “friend” Pierre, who decides to duel him in order to get back her mother’s scarf. He was able to gain the upper hand due to his monsters effects, which involved flipping a coin. Alexis realized that if it wasn’t for his Second Coin Toss, he would’ve lost everytime, and then was able to win thanks to Cyber Prima’s effect. Pierre revealed that the whole reason why he did this was because he loved Alexis. Alexis soon begins to become good friends with Jaden and Syrus after they win the Tag Duel.

Alexis Rhoades becomes interested

Yusho Sakaki

Later on she, Jasmine and Mindy dress up as the Harpie Lady sisters during Duel Monsters Spirit Day. When Jaden loses support after beating the Dark Magician Girl she tells him that most girls like the bad guy. Alexis tackled Yuri into the wall, while Sora lowered the automatic defense gates in order for the others to escape. Alexis told Yusho to continue on to the Professor while she held Yuri off.

Abortion protesters rally outside Supreme Court – Axios

Abortion protesters rally outside Supreme Court.

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Alexis Rhoades Fulfillment of the Contract

In the dub, Alexis’ affections toward Jaden can be traced as early on as episode 3. Her dormmate, Junko wondered if Alexis was “falling for that Osiris”, the “Osiris” being referred to as Judai. In the Japanese version, Alexis merely refers to Jaden as “interesting”. Asuka consistently will respond to another female showing interest in Judai.

Alexis Rhoades Her dormmate, Junko

Manga Deck

While attending Duel Academy, Alexis was not part of the first army to be sent to the Xyz Dimension, but intended to go there and participate in the invasion when she received the order to. After the first army returned, she talked with a girl who had doubts about the school’s plan to invade other dimensions and turn people into cards, even civilians. The girl announced her intention to defect and begged Alexis to come with her, since she didn’t want Alexis to commit those horrible acts. Despite her faith in the Professor, Alexis agreed and they escaped the island on a speedboat. They were caught by the Juvenile Officers and the girl was sealed into a card while trying to protect Alexis.

  • To quickly acquire the necessary cards, Alexis uses cards such as “Cyber Petit Angel” and “Ritual Sanctuary” while supporting them through “Fulfillment of the Contract” and “Ritual Weapon”.
  • She was surprised when Xyz Summoned “Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon” and when Declan survived Yuya’s attack.
  • Ironically, as the series progressed she actually developed a crush on Jaden, whom was one of the few males not to show infatuation with her.
  • When Jaden, Syrus and Chumley Huffington go to investigate the Abandoned Dorm at Duel Academy, they meet Alexis there searching for her missing older brother, Atticus.
  • “You have to give it all, from building the best deck to making the right moves.