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She is internationally recognized for her 5-year starring role as Lt. Stephanie Holden in the TV Alexandra Paul Baywatch. Alexandra recently launched her wellness coaching business. As a health coachAlexandra personally coaches clients on the phone all over the world, and speaks Alexandra Paul groups on how to change their habits for Alexandra Paul healthier lifestyle and a happier life.

She also co-hosts a weekly podcast, Switch4Good. Acting Career Overview Alexandra Paul began her acting career at age 18 starring in the highly rated telefilm Paper Dolls. She then starred in the Warner Bros. She has played a gay woman in 4 films, which makes her proud as her identical twin sister is gay.

She has been in some quirky, terrible movies like Sharknado 4 which were a ton of fun to film. She is still working as an Alexandra Paul, with 2 films released in and 3 in Alexandra loves playing mothers even though she has no kids of her own, and is still in touch with several of the actors to whom she has played Mom. Alexandra is also interviewed and seen getting arrested in the highly acclaimed, award winning documentary Who Killed the Electric Carnow out on DVD and a top ten documentary on Netflix.

She has had the good fortune to play opposite many wonderful actors. She also hosted episodes of the environmental cable access talk show EarthTalk Today. Inshe was a spokesperson for the Volt, a plug in car by Chevrolet.

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Inthe United Nations Alexandra Paul Alexandra for her work on human overpopulation. Inshe won the International Green Cross award. She was also arrested during a peaceful sit-in for AIDS patients to access fast tracked pharmaceutical drugs, and protecting electric cars from being crushed.

She Alexandra Paul been arrested 5 times for peacefully protesting animals exploitation. She has been involved open rescues of other farm animals with the non profit Direct Action Everywhere. Alexandra has been driving electric cars since She is a vegan and will not use products tested on animals.

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She has traveled to Nicaragua with a medical aid group, to Louisiana to help animals after Hurricane Katrina, to South Africa to register voters and to Sierra Leone to promote family planning. She volunteered with Food Not Bombs every Wednesday and Thursday for 8 years by picking up food donations and cooking vegan meals for over people.

She also speaks very good French, havinglived in Paris as a child. A dedicated and accomplished athlete as well, inAlexandra spent nine months training for the World Ironman Championship in Hawaii a grueling 2. InAlexandra Alexandra Paul around Key WestAlexandra Paul In addition, Alexandra wrote, produced and hosted Jam-packed, an educational film broadcast on PBS about the human overpopulation crisis, which has won several environmental awards.

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Alexandra has also personally spoken, classroom-by-classroom, to over six thousand Los Angeles teenagers on the issue of human overpopulation. InAlexandra and her identical twin sister Caroline were the recipients of the Christopher Street West Rainbow Award for their ongoing support of gay and lesbian rights.

People who haven’t done much, or acted for extrinsic reasons like an article suggested “one little thing you can do for the environment” instead of intrinsic, say they can’t think of anything. I conclude that Alexandra Paul polluting is skills you learn, not a target you reach.

Alexandra Paul has been mastering these skills for decades and shows mastery in this episode. How does mastery show in sustainability? In this case, I heard her having fun, connecting with people, learning, and enjoying the process.

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When last we heard from her, Alexandra Paul shared how Alexandra Paul she loved a particular hummus. She and her husband ate a container a day. A plastic container, that is, meaning a pile of plastic that would exist for centuries, maybe millennia, before breaking down. Yet anyone can make hummus.

Why not her? She could get the ingredients as well as anyone, maybe better ones.

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She committed to making hummus from scratch. The challenge Alexandra Paul with me since avoiding packaged food started my journey of acting, which led to finding pressure cooking chick peas beat the texture and flavor of canned. Plus my mom makes amazing hummus and baba ganoush. Show Notes : EDIT: At a reader’s request, here are my mom’s recipes, quoting her email to Alexandra Humus Put about 2 cups of cooked chickpeas into food processor Add Alexandra Paul of one lemon Tahini about a teaspoon or so Add olive oil Add several cloves of garlic I do chop before adding; start with less, you can always add Add salt really important for flavor, cannot skimp Process until smooth; may have to stop and push down the sides.

Start with less oil and add as you process to get the right consistency Taste and adjust whatever needs adjusting. Grill eggplant over an open flame burner don’t know how to do this with electric burners Stay with the eggplant; you will have to turn it often to get all sides cooked. Don’t worry about charring; that only adds flavor. Use a skewer or long tined fork to check for interior doneness. Remove and let cool on a plate. Carefully pick off and discard charred skin; don’t worry, though, if you miss specks adds to the flavor Remove to chopping board mine is wooden Start chopping the eggplant; as you do, Alexandra Paul some salt, minced garlic, olive oil, juice of lemon to taste Alexandra Paul, part 1: A Genuine Celebrity Role Model I Alexandra Paul a TEDx talk on population where the speaker spoke thoughtfully and persuasively on overpopulation.

She turned out to be a huge celebrity. They know the facts but tend to present them abstractly. Who was this Alexandra Paul? You could see from her bio that she’s acted in movies and television. She cohosts the Switch4Good podcast on veganism with an Olympic athlete. She’s also finished Iron Man triathlons and been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience.

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She’s genuine, authentic, and mission-driven. Where others lecture or tell others what to do, she smiles and does it herself. If I Alexandra Paul met her, I wouldn’t have believed she existed. She does and here’s the conversation with her. Show Notes :.

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