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Shannon Lucio

But I do like the John Cena series a lot.

Diana Vazquez

Enter your number to get our free mobile app Solid cast. Some familiar faces are back from Suicide Squad II. I was not a fan of the groveling apology he gave to the Chinese Government after he made the Alexa Adams crime of implying that Taiwan is a country which it totally is. I just set my Spotify to the official playlist of Peacemaker.

Aubree Martin

I recommend you do the same. They make references to some Alexa Adams the lamer parts of the D. Alexa Adams Bat-mite? Look at this scene where the Peacemaker is sneaking out of a hospital and he has a conversation with a janitor. Now think of how many Proud Boys and Oathkeepers in their twenties and thirties grew up idolizing John Cena.

Lola Naymark