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Trisha Generously Donated Money To Tik Tok Creator aleena Shay For Her Family Members Medical Fund But Apparently That Wasnt Enough For People Her Comment Is Filled With Negative Replies

But I think she’s just a chick making videos that make herself happy 🤷‍♀️ anytime I come across her she seems to be happy about her content. We all hope that our videos can receive more attention on tiktok, and one of the ways to increase video views is to know the best time to post videos on tiktok. Aleena Shay’s tiktok account currently has 125.6K followers.

Aleena Shay Is Filled With Negative Replies

Valley View second quarter honor rolls School News – Valley Advantage

Valley View second quarter honor rolls School News

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Aleena Shay it to people

She just drives and I have witnessed it myself. Aleena doesn’t seem to care that much about her dad anymore. She said she hasn’t been up to visit him in months because her “anxiety”. She claims she can’t drive out of state because of it but if you cared that much about someone you would find a way.

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I honestly believe Aleena is autistic and that’s why she acts like such a child. I live in the same town as her and she has always acted like that. She once posted on the yard sale site asking if anyone wanted to give up their baby to her. She is almost 30 and has never had a job last very long. She door dashes with her mom and makes her mom get the food and bring it to people.

Aleena Shay to give up