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If you spoke up you were just immediately shut down. And shamed.

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Here are 12 revelations from the film. Alanis wrote her first song at 10 years old. A woman in church complimented her singing, and a light bulb went on. From that point forward, her food intake was monitored and severely restricted.


Alanis Morissette Cam Show

On video shoots, she says she would sneak Velveeta cheese slices from the fridge at 3 a. Fourteen, less scary but still scary.

Alanis Morissette

Fifteen, all bets were off. Where is everybody? It could fit a medium-sized child inside. It is in a storage locker. We know that Alanis wrote confessional lyrics ripped from her own Alanis Morissette. Later, the film teases out the second line of that song, conceived the moment Alanis walked into an L. I had not heard anything like it. The simplicity of the way she was able to narrate yet how complex it was at the same time. It would usually be a stand-up-and-walk-out-of-the-room moment.


12 Things You Oughta Know About Alanis Morissette After Watching ‘Jagged’

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