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Ainsley Rodriguez

Ainsely lead an active and healthy life as a child, where she engaged in activities such as gymnastics and dance classes. Throughout her schooling years, Ainsyle participated in several different dance teams.

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It was because Ainsley Rodriguez this, she was offered the opportunity to enroll in an accelerated studies college program, at only 16 years old. However, the decision to enter college at an early age had its downsides as well. She Ainsley Rodriguez to leave dance behind, as education took the majority of her free time.

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Fitness During the time she was in college, Ainsley stumbled across weightlifting and fitness. However, she decided to spend the little time she had doing something that would keep her body fit — the gym was the perfect answer.


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She then began going to the gym, and slowly but surely, building an extraordinary physique. From balancing textbooks on the Stairmaster to super setting workouts, I always managed to find a way to get to the gym.

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Popularity By the age of 25, Ainsley became a fitness sensation — gaining masses of followers Ainsley Rodriguez all over the world. She also became an online coach, with the expertise in nutrition and strength training.

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Do it as often as you can. The Earth is a natural source of electrons which are essential for a healthy body and immune system.

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Take care of your mental state first and watch the rest follow! Ainsley Rodriguez regards to cardio, this means she avoids long running sessions, and opts for an HIIT instead.