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After finishing school, Clemens enrolled on an arts degree, but lured by the siren call of acting, she quit her studies at 19 to pursue her career.

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She loves to study people Growing up, Clemens changed schools so often, she became Adelaide Clemens at making quick studies of people, quickly working out what made her new classmates tick, and adapting her behaviors likewise. It just happens to me everywhere I go.

Adelaide Clemens

It was a career-defining role, but one hard-won. After deciding to audition in full period dress, the actress ended up walking all the way from Euston to Soho dressed in full Victorian regalia after trying and failing to get to grips with the London Tube Adelaide Clemens.

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She broke her back doing gymnastics Growing up, Clemens was massively into gymnastics and Adelaide Clemens hobbies that eventually Adelaide Clemens a nasty turn when, after years of twists, backflips and forward rolls, she developed spondylosis a condition that causes degenerative osteoarthritis in the vertebral columnbroke her back, and spent several months in a back brace.

After spotting the star approaching her during a lunch break, she became so overcome with nerves she promptly sat on her plate of food.

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All the air escaped me. Not only was she a fan of F. Every Christmas.

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Ever since she started making waves in Hollywood, people have been falling over themselves to point out the physical similarities Adelaide Clemens Clemens and fellow actress, Michelle Williams. I do love it.

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Since leaving LA in her 20s, the actress has based herself in New York, but can only go so long before her wander-lust strikes.