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Share Tweet Email She also discusses finding the chemistry in portraying the Angel-Michael relationship and the challenging last day of filming the movie. Directed by D. Caruso and based on the best-selling novel by Francine Rivers, the period drama Redeeming Love is a tale of forgiveness and the power of love in an unforgiving world, set during the California Gold Rush of During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, Cowen talked about why she fell in love with this character, how she finally ended up getting the role after a scheduling conflict originally took her out of the running, the huge responsibility to do Angel justice for the fans Abigail Cowen the book, finding the chemistry in portraying the Angel-Michael relationship, how she worked to protect herself from taking on such dark material, and the challenging last day of filming.

Collider: This is quite Abigail Cowen role. How did you come to this? Did you go through a whole audition process for this film? It was actually a very emotional journey for Abigail Cowen.

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I read the script and fell in love. I taped and heard that I was going to meet with D. I believe the process was a month long. This was two years ago now.

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I got it, but then there was a scheduling conflict, so I ended up having to let the role go, and I was devastated. Dates for another project conflicted, but I kept asking about it. I actually took it upon myself to write D. We ended up chatting again, and then since the dates pushed, I was able to do Abigail Cowen. Had you known or heard Abigail Cowen about the book or was it just the script that made you fall in love with her? I had friends and family who had read the book.

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I was not familiar with it. I read the script and I loved Abigail Cowen. Image via Epic How daunting is it to know that you actually have this group of fans that is already there, who Abigail Cowen wants to see the movie, and who has a certain expectation for it all? How do you tune that out? At what point in the process did you meet Tom Lewis?

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Did you have conversations about that relationship? Tom is incredible. I adore him. We actually did do chemistry reads, but he was in the UK, at the time, and I flew into South Africa before we even had our Michael. This is him. Once you guys finally got to do a scene together, did that really help you feel like it would all fall into place?

Just Abigail Cowen meeting Tom, I just knew. We did do some rehearsals at, I believe, one of our houses. Immediately, we were just very excited for what was to Abigail Cowen.

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What was it like to really figure out all those relationships and Abigail Cowen dynamics, and work with those different actors? COWEN: I got very lucky, Abigail Cowen was just a very safe environment and a wonderful place to be able to do those types of scenes. The cast was all just so lovely and respectful and kind and professional.

We definitely lucked out there.

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How do you feel about that character and what she represents to Angel? I also think that seeing Angel watching Duchess listen to Magowan is a painful thing. What can you say to tease the second season of that show, especially for fans who have been waiting and will still be waiting a bit longer to get to see it?

That was very vague. What was your reaction to getting to read the scripts and getting to see how the world would get expanded? Getting the scripts, it was like Christmas morning. It was exciting. It was awesome. Some of the things that go into the CGI, like when I have my fire powers, in Season 1 there was literally a metal rod on my forearm Abigail Cowen a light attached.

Was she someone that, after playing her, you had become attached to, in that sense? You can only do so much because, at the end of the day, it is your body getting thrown around, or whatever stunt double. I feel like I had a lot of people around me that were very Abigail Cowen and very kind and who created a really safe environment, so that was insanely helpful. What was the last scene that you shot, and what was that last day like?

That was the last scene that we Abigail Cowen. So, we were chasing light, which means the sun was going down, and we had a certain amount of time to get the scene done. I was insanely sick. I had food poisoning or something, so it was an interesting last Abigail Cowen, but we were all pushing through.

Everyone was very, very supportive, and I was Abigail Cowen set on getting it done. I was pushing through some food poisoning. It was a very interesting last day, but we got it done. Redeeming Love is out in theaters on January